SFX, RP & Model Making

Techsil supplies high performance materials that are used across a diverse range of industries in a wide range of modelling applications including casting and moulding.

Examples of typical applications include proof of concept and rapid prototyping, pre-production models, scaled prototypes, functional or aesthetic modelling. Delivering value across different industries, these material systems are available with a variety of shore hardnesses, work times, cure times and other property ranges.

Creative applications include visual and special effects models, such as realistic flexible skins, dummies for horror movies or gory special effects.

Material Systems for Model Making: Product Categories

Techsil markets a full product offering for modelling applications including flexible polyurethane foams, fast and medium casting resins, water clear flexible and rigid systems, silicone systems designed for robust mould making, aluminium filled polyurethane for metal effect castings, flame retardant solutions, machinable systems, as well as a complete range of polyurethane and silicone pigments covering skin tones, jet black, perfect white and fluorescent colours.

Within Techsil’s offering you will also find polyurethane and silicone additives which work to soften the finished product, improve the smell of the finished cast or just to improve the release of the mould from the cast.

Specialist Polyurethane Additives

Techsil are pleased to be able to offer a range of specialist additives for polyurethanes and other resins. From fragrance additives which transform castings by masking any present odours and replacing them with a much more pleasant smell to softening agents which allow the user to alter the hardness and elongation of the original polyurethane to meet exacting specifications.

Flame Retardant Options

There is an increasing demand for fire retardant foams from the entertainment industries, specifically film & TV special effects, theme parks and theatrical performance set and prop builders. BJB have launched a new range of FR products which are all RoHS certified and comply with various flame and fire retardancy specifications including Bulletin 117 (Upholstered Furniture) and FMVSS302 (D.O.T Flammability of Interior Materials).

TC-267 FR and TC-278 FR are the most popular new arrivals, one with a 3lb density and the other with a 4lb density. These soft water blown flexible foams can be hand mixed, machine dispensed or mixed with a Jiffy Mixer. The firmness of the foams can be controlled by mould temperature and the amount loaded in the mould. More rigid or flexible solutions are also available, ranging from low Shore A all the way up to 78 Shore D.

Polyurethane Adhesives

AP-1230 is a new, high quality flexible material with a 3-4 minute work time; outstanding bond strength and excellent shock absorption. Designed to bond together many of BJB’s flexible polyurethane cast products; this two-part adhesive is expected to take the PU market by storm.

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